• What is TablaZoom?

    If you run a busy establishment and want to make the most of your limited resources of space and time, then TablaZoom Pro is your essential tool.

    TablaZoom Pro suggests where to seat guests based on your priorities and preferences. The system constantly updates the sitting plan. Sudden changes and surprises? Bring it on. TablaZoom can deal with it all.

    Take a booking →

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  • Taking a reservation

    It’s easy to know when you can take a booking. Available time slots are green. Red slots are unavailable, but if you trust your staff, so does TablaZoom: authorized users can always override the system. You decide how many guests you can welcome in any 15- or 30 minute slot, and TablaZoom will take that into account, along with what tables are available.

    TablaZoom is web-based and password-protected, so the staff you authorize can access it securely from anywhere and take a booking from anywhere - front of the house, the office, or even a call centre. You can free the hostess from taking bookings and let the hosting staff focus on greeting guests.

    Never forget a guest →

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  • Never forget a guest

    TablaZoom Pro gives you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that's tailored to the restaurant industry. Type in a few keywords to get the name and info on the guest who's just walked in. When a name is on the tip of your tongue, TablaZoom's there to whisper in your ear.

    For every guest, TablaZoom can keep details on food and seating preferences, connections, past experiences, visit history, and lots more. It can even send alerts to managers about upcoming visits by VIPs.

    Managing guest info →

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  • A trove of guest details

    TablaZoom comes packed with features to help remember and recognize guests: preferences, social connections, friends, associates, occupations, keywords, status and more. Chefs and Floor Managers love the trove of detailed information.

    To avoid duplicating records, the system checks for names that are near matches (for example, Steve, Stephen, Steven, Stefan and Stéphane) and phone numbers already in the database. TablaZoom works well in a private club environment and can recognize guests based on their membership ID, allowing them to book online.

    Maximize your resources →

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  • Maximizing limited resources

    TablaZoom can crunch every possible sitting permutation in an instant. After you've set the sitting strategy, TablaZoom organizes reservations and walkins to make the establishment look busy at slow times, then when the house starts filling up, it shifts strategies to use every available seat in the smartest way possible.

    TablaZoom comes up with sitting plans that make the most of your limited resources of tables, time, and staff - all based on your settings and the current circumstances.

    Optimizing the sitting plan →

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  • Optimizing the sitting plan

    TablaZoom runs on autopilot most of the time, dealing with change, and letting staff concentrate on serving guests. With every change it checks what the optimum plan now is. But the manager can take full control at any time.

    Because the system can plan faster than any human, it will help you to fill your tables in the most effective way, whether you take reservations or only walkins. The great feature of the software is that it makes your establishment look busy on slow days, but it makes the best use of every seat when you are busy.

    Online reservations →

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  • Online bookings and tools

    Most booking apps make guests go through the whole process, then tell them that no seat is available. TablaZoom shows the guest up front what the availability is like at the time they want to come. The system can take a deposit for special days such as New Year’s Eve, for large reservations, or for guests with a bad attendance record.

    When a guest is late, TablaZoom can optionally send a text message to check if they're still coming. If they text back, the manager will see the reply on screen. In our experience, a guest who's running late is happier to reply to a text than to a phone call.

    Promoting online →

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  • Online promotions

    When a guest books online, they can click a link to add it to their daily planner. TablaZoom sends confirmations and reminders by email, and you can add a custom banner to each one to promote special events or services. You can even save multiple banners and set them to change on certain dates.

    You could expect to get more than half of your reservations from the web. This lets your staff concentrate on other jobs, and you can watch your book fill up even when you're closed. We've found that when guests type their own information, the dates, names, and phone numbers are more likely to be accurate.

    Integration with POS →

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  • POS integration

    TablaZoom can seamlessly exchange information with a POS system. When the server opens the table in the POS, they can see who's seated there and any special instructions. This information goes to the kitchen along with any dietary restrictions. At the end of the meal, the POS tells TablaZoom when the payment is transacted, when the guests are gone, and when the table is reset and ready to be re-seated.

    TablaZoom keeps a record of the bill number, making it easy to pull data from past visits.

    Manual interaction →

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  • Manual interaction with POS

    Of course, when POS and TablaZoom are not linked, the information can be exchanged manually. In case a server forgets to update the system, TablaZoom will pop up an alert when it detects a potential problem.

    Why TablaZoom is for you →

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  • Why TablaZoom is better

    TablaZoom is intuitive and simple to use, but there's enough programming power under the hood to deal with any situation. You could use just the basic features and still reap the benefits, or explore and unleash its real strength.

    TablaZoom is priced to beat the competition. For example, one of our clients booked some 2,800 guests online on a past month. Some of our competitors take a commission for every booking, and would have charged some $1,100 for this service. But the client's cost was only $215. This is an annualized saving of over $10k for a system that also gave them outstanding table management, guest recognition, and lots more.

    Introductory offer →

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  • Introductory offer

    TablaZoom is also providing a special service to hotel concierges, which makes it easier for them to book online with any restaurant using TablaZoom. You'll see detailed records on the concierge bookings, so you can give them the recognition they deserve.

    TablaZoom was created by a local company with a low overhead. We understand and love the hospitality business. Use the interactive demo to get a sense of how it works, and call us for a live personalized demo. Try TablaZoom free of charge for six months with no obligation (offer valid until June 30, 2024). And see how it can do the hard labour in the background, while you and your staff do what you do best: creating experiences that your guests will never forget.

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